Late November (Music Video)

Hello, everyone and happy new year! This year I will be redirecting my site into a more personal development blog, and also I will still be journaling. I have worked on this music video for one of my songs Late November. It takes place at a trail that I have been running on for years. It’s one of my favorite trails because of all the trees, leaves, animals, and nature. I have been to this trail with my family, friends, girlfriend, and my pets. This video consist of scenes of me playing mandolin on that trail, and exploring it. Also there is some footage of my trip to Boston, MA that I took in late november 2019. This song is one of my favorite and maybe most personal song that I have created. It’s simple, yet you can feel my vulnerable soul singing. If you have time you can watch this video and really feel who I am. Thank you.



Links to get more personal with “When Stars Misguide Us”!

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