5 Concepts to Understand Self Awareness

5 Concepts to Understand Self Awareness

Becoming self aware is a complex concept and takes time, patience, and many different emotions to achieve a certain level of self awareness. This is an ongoing process that will have to be developed year after year. The reason why self awareness is an ongoing process is because no matter who you are, you are always growing, and changing. Even if you don’t want to change, life will make you change no matter what. Change can be good or bad it all depends on how you think about it, and how you align, the change that is happening to you, with your internal standards. What does internal standards mean? Internal meaning: inside, existing, occurring (inside our existing body). Standard meaning: an approved model, rule of principle, normal requirement (what makes our minds feel content and right). You mix internal and standard together, and you get our minds rules or principles for our lives.


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Focus on yourself

1. Focus on yourself

  • Focusing on yourself sounds so simple, yet many of us do not focus on yourselves daily. Instead we worry about other people, sounds, images, videos, art, music, thoughts, etc. To focus on one self is almost like a meditation but instead of finding peace, or emptying your mind, we are trying to focus on what we are feeling, who we are, and why are we doing the things that we are doing. Basically we need to question ourselves and nothing else.


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Recognize your actions

2. How do your actions align with your internal standards

  • Do the things you do and say reflect your core belief on how to live your live? Every action you make you need to be self aware of this action and understand if it fits your true character or not.


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Understand your emotions

3. How do your emotions align with your internal standards

  • Our emotions, to me, are the most complexed concept that us humans have. Emotions drives us to do many wonderful, and awful things. In a way we all barely controlling our emotions everyday. To reflect on yourself, and analyze the emotions you are having is a very difficult task that needs to be practiced everyday all day to feel any type of control over emotions. One way to make this process easier is keeping a journal and writing how you feel, analyze it, and try to understand if these emotions are aligning your true emotional standards you have for yourself. I know maybe you do not have emotional standards for yourself, or maybe you do not like the standards you have for your emotions right now. Well all that means is you have some self evaluation to do and try to discover what emotions you like and dislike for yourself, and no one else.


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Realize your thoughts

4. How do your thoughts align with your internal standards

Thoughts truly go hand and hand with emotions, but the true power to have is the ability to separate your thoughts from emotions. Understand that thoughts are logical or illogical, and emotions are all feelings. To reflect on your thoughts is to declare if the thought you are having is logical, or illogical.


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Analyze yourself

5. Evaluate yourself

Evaluating yourself is basically these four concepts focusing on yourself, understanding your actions, understanding your emotions, and understanding your thoughts, but all at once. It is almost like a experiment or a recipe. You must add all of these ingredients and then taste, or test what you mixed together to see if it is what YOU want. No one knows this recipe, only you do. It’s going to take time to create something no one has ever created before which is YOU

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