Concert in Downtown Orlando

  So me (22), my two brothers ages (12) and (18), and my girlfriend(21) all went to a concert on February 14th 2018. I put the ages in just to paint a picture of all of us together.. I don’t know. The bands that played were “Oso Oso, Mom jeans, and Tiny Moving Parts”. The... Continue Reading →

Rabbit! Vinylmation!

Vinylmation11 If you enjoy collecting, and you enjoy Disney then vinylmation is just for you! I have been collecting vinylmation for about 7 years now. My favorite thing to do with them is take them to the Disney parks, or other places, and take photos of them! Also if you are new or old to... Continue Reading →

Disney’s Vinylmation! 

Hello everyone!! In the past I used to post my vinylmation pictures on Instagram and I would call it #vinylmationExploring. It's where I take one of my vinylmation to Disney world and take fun pictures with it at the parks! Also anything related to vinylmation will be under the sub category Vinylmation11. So here is... Continue Reading →

Rocky! The Maltese!

  Rocky is my 2 year old Maltese dog. He is my best friend, and he is also very fluffy. To begin I will explain how he entered my life. My little brother wanted a dog for his birthday, and my family voted if we should add a dog to our family. My whole family... Continue Reading →

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