Who Am I? #8

I have been working hard on my upcoming "album" I have a total of 6 songs! I want to have ten songs total. The collection of music or album is called "Everything Is Temporary". I Am very proud of the songs that I have created for it so far and I truly can't wait to... Continue Reading →


Hello, thank you for stopping by my blog post! I have exciting news.. I released a new single song that I (Stars Misguide) created called "Today". I created everything that you hear on the song (besides the drums; the drums are from a logic pro drum loop mixed with some of me adding some drums).... Continue Reading →

Who am I? #4

It's strange how life works. The reason why I say this is because of a moment that has happened to me this week. So I have been going to college since 2014. I have received my A.A. Degree in 2016. After that I was a bit interested in web programming so I decided to pursue... Continue Reading →

Concert in Downtown Orlando

  So me (22), my two brothers ages (12) and (18), and my girlfriend(21) all went to a concert on February 14th 2018. I put the ages in just to paint a picture of all of us together.. I don’t know. The bands that played were “Oso Oso, Mom jeans, and Tiny Moving Parts”. The... Continue Reading →

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