Soul Connections

My soul has been through some tough battles this year. My mind and my heart has also taken a beating. I have learned and grown a lot, but for some reason I feel confused. I’m not sure what I’m confused about? See at this point in my life (22 years old) I have officially left … More Soul Connections

1 year anniversary! “When Stars Misguide Us”

October 24th of 2016 is when I discovered and created “When Stars Misguide Us”. I’m very proud to say that today has market it’s 1 year anniversary! Lately I have been slow at creating, and pushing forward my movement which summarized is “Searching for the Truth”. The reason for my slowness is because right now … More 1 year anniversary! “When Stars Misguide Us”

Search for Truth 

Finding yourself. I live my life to find the truth. I seek for the truth in every single thing I encounter. For someone reason my soul deeply searches for truth. Now in my opinion I do not think us as humans can comprehend absolute truth because everything around is always changing and also disappearing. Basically … More Search for Truth 

Stars Are Glowing

Stars Are Glowing EP  I’m very proud to announce that I will be releasing 4 new songs this Friday (June 23rd 2017). These fours song in my opinion are the best songs I have ever made so far. I’m very proud of them. I’m finally starting to get my sound. If you enjoy pop music … More Stars Are Glowing

My Music Monday

If you have been following along “My Music Monday” post you have read my future ideas of my music such as putting it on Spotify. Well sadly after a lot of researching I have found out that I am not ready or should upload my music to Spotify. There are many reasons why I can’t … More My Music Monday

Soul Searching #17

Soul searching post are all about my day to day searching for meaning for my soul and hoping that by me writing to you that it can help you get closer to your soul. Lately I have been analyzing my life and trying to figure out how to reach my goals and happiness. There are … More Soul Searching #17