Stars Misguide

Hello everyone! If you enjoy reading my blog post then you will definitely enjoy my original music. I sing from the soul and try to have a positve but questioning view on life. Every song is created by me from the guitars you hear to the lyrics to the piano! Even the cover art is... Continue Reading →

This Summer! 

This summer I am bringing a lot of new things to "When Stars Misguide Us" community! I will tell you what is going on! I'm extremely excited that this summer I will be announcing my brand new music artist name! Also I will for the first time ever put my original music on Spotify. Also... Continue Reading →

My Music Monday

Music is my passion.. The music I create is something that I want to leave behind when my soul leaves this earth. I put all my emotions into my music. As I grow up my music grown up with me. I want to be remembered by my music. I want my music that I create... Continue Reading →

Soul Question #1

In this post series which called "Soul Searching Questions" I will be asking questions that are on my mind. Questions that keep popping in my head during this week. Question: Who Are You Becoming?   Date: 10/31/16 Photography: Anthony Singh Label: When Stars Misguide Us Original Writing Writer: Anthony Singh website: Facebook:

When Stars Misguide Us

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing great! I have exciting news that I'am proud to announce! My whole life I have been searching for my own "Company" or "Label", like a Creative Independent Label. Something that I could call my own, and put all my art into. Such as my Original songs, videos, and... Continue Reading →

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