Stars Misguide

Hello everyone! If you enjoy reading my blog post then you will definitely enjoy my original music. I sing from the soul and try to have a positve but questioning view on life. Every song is created by me from the guitars you hear to the lyrics to the piano! Even the cover art is... Continue Reading →


Hello, thank you for stopping by my blog post! I have exciting news.. I released a new single song that I (Stars Misguide) created called "Today". I created everything that you hear on the song (besides the drums; the drums are from a logic pro drum loop mixed with some of me adding some drums).... Continue Reading →

Soul Searching #8

Welcome to "When Stars Misguide Us" in this post I will be discussing things that are going on in my soul at the moment. It might not be clear, or it might not make sense, but it's just how my soul is feeling. Feel free to comment below what your soul is feeling! Now we... Continue Reading →

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