$0.23 on Spotify!

Alright so this going to sound lame or embarrassing, but I am proud of it! I checked my Spotify page to see how many followers I have and I have 7!!! Also I check my royalties on Spotify and I obtained $0.23! I know these stats are pretty bad. But for some odd reason it... Continue Reading →

Stars Misguide Spotify

Click me to go to Stars Misguide Spotify Music Page!! Hello everyone! Just wanted to let you know my Spotify page is doing good! I have released a total of 10 songs now. I would appreciate it if you stopped by. My songs are very personal to me and I try to put my whole... Continue Reading →

My Music Mondays

My music Monday is when I discuss my original music that I created. All my music is up on YouTube, and soon I will put them on Spotify. This week I would like to announce that this summer I will release new music, along with a brand new Spotify page!!! I'm very excited, and working... Continue Reading →

New chapter 

My Music Monday! Hello everyone, I'm a music artist that creates a form of pop music. To be more specific I believe I create a electro pop punk kind of sound. Kinda like the postal service meets blink 182. Well, that is my goal to sound like those two genres of music with a hint... Continue Reading →

My Music Monday! 

The song "I Try" is one of my favorite songs that I have wrote. It was the first song I wrote that inspired me to show my music publicly. I have written songs before this song, but with this song "I Try" it made me feel confident in my music and from that point on... Continue Reading →

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