Soul Question #1

In this post series which called "Soul Searching Questions" I will be asking questions that are on my mind. Questions that keep popping in my head during this week. Question: Who Are You Becoming?   Date: 10/31/16 Photography: Anthony Singh Label: When Stars Misguide Us Original Writing Writer: Anthony Singh website: Facebook:

When Stars Misguide Us

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing great! I have exciting news that I'am proud to announce! My whole life I have been searching for my own "Company" or "Label", like a Creative Independent Label. Something that I could call my own, and put all my art into. Such as my Original songs, videos, and... Continue Reading →

Intro to Disney Blog Post!

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today I will be adding a new category to the site! The category I will be adding is DISNEY!!! I'am huge Disney fan, and go to the parks regularly here in Orlando, Fl. I've been going to Disney since I moved to Florida when I was 4. So around 16 years of... Continue Reading →

Discovering the Art of Music #1

Hey everyone, it's me Anthony Singh. I'am writing today about MUSIC! What I want this Article to do for you: Discover Music  What are we discovering?: 88 Rising Click the Blue letters to go straight to videos and stuff! (Hyperlink)   Alright, lets begin by saying 88 Rising is a collective music group that consist... Continue Reading →

Soul Searching #7

Finding TRUTH? As I'm sitting here I begin to grow cold. I want to find TRUTH. My whole life I have been searching.. For some reason my soul Yearns for TRUTH. Is Truth lost? Am I suppose to find it? If I do keep searching for it will truth ever appear? Or is that what... Continue Reading →

Soul Searching #6

  These days are passing by fast, and I'm trying to grasp everything that I have encountered. All these moments have to mean something.. ? This is the question that keeps repeating inside my mind... All These Moments Have to Mean Something? What are moments? What are Memories? Do you know.... ?      ... Continue Reading →

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