When Stars Misguide Us

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing great! I have exciting news that I'am proud to announce! My whole life I have been searching for my own "Company" or "Label", like a Creative Independent Label. Something that I could call my own, and put all my art into. Such as my Original songs, videos, and... Continue Reading →

Discovering the Art of Music #1

Hey everyone, it's me Anthony Singh. I'am writing today about MUSIC! What I want this Article to do for you: Discover Music  What are we discovering?: 88 Rising Click the Blue letters to go straight to videos and stuff! (Hyperlink)   Alright, lets begin by saying 88 Rising is a collective music group that consist... Continue Reading →

Soul Searching #7

Finding TRUTH? As I'm sitting here I begin to grow cold. I want to find TRUTH. My whole life I have been searching.. For some reason my soul Yearns for TRUTH. Is Truth lost? Am I suppose to find it? If I do keep searching for it will truth ever appear? Or is that what... Continue Reading →

Soul Searching #6

  These days are passing by fast, and I'm trying to grasp everything that I have encountered. All these moments have to mean something.. ? This is the question that keeps repeating inside my mind... All These Moments Have to Mean Something? What are moments? What are Memories? Do you know.... ?      ... Continue Reading →

Soul Searching #5

Sometimes the clouds above speak to my soul. They say the most wonderful things, It's not words the clouds are speaking, but instead its emotions. The way the condensed water vapor forms beautiful images Somehow creates emotions in my soul.     Date: 8/17/16 Photography: Anthony Singh Label: Yamagotchicrew Original Writing Writer: Anthony Singh website: http://yamagotchicrew.wixsite.com/yamagotchicrew... Continue Reading →

Soul Searching #4

                                             Can You Find the Midnight Spirit?  In the middle of the night, The time between dreams, and reality Is where you will find me. Sometimes it is hard to overlook everything you are... Continue Reading →

Soul Searching #3

                                                    Windy Days   Seasons are Fading, but Where are you? I'm starting to wonder if you are.. you. As the world turns I will always be searching for you. I... Continue Reading →

Soul Searching #2

                                           Rain.. Calms Me.  As the rain slowly drops onto the street road that is before me.. My soul starts to grasp onto the scenery that is in front of me, With wet leaves, blurry windows, and rain drops... Continue Reading →

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