Who Am I? #10

I have been thinking, and trying to move forward every single day. I have been diving into personal development concepts that I have been discovering through youtube, books, and podcasts. There are numerous amounts of interesting concepts of life. A few things that I am trying to understand or is on my mind would be:... Continue Reading →

Who Am I? #8

I have been working hard on my upcoming "album" I have a total of 6 songs! I want to have ten songs total. The collection of music or album is called "Everything Is Temporary". I Am very proud of the songs that I have created for it so far and I truly can't wait to... Continue Reading →

My 23rd birthday

(Who Am I #7) Today is November 11th 2018 and it is My 23rd birthday. My favorite month is definitely November because I love the feeling and concept of fall. One of my favorite words since I was small was the word fall. Anyways this year for me has been the most drastic change in... Continue Reading →

Soul Searching #15

Why do we remember certain dreams? When we are asleep studies have told us tht we have numerous amount of different dreams before we awake. This morning I awoke and had a very strange dream. It was about me checking into a hotel that was full of monsters, and disturbing creatures. This hotel was created... Continue Reading →

Soul Question #2

Here is a question you can ask your soul.  What is something that sparks your soul in a very distinct way, that nothing else can do to your soul?  Is it music, a loved one, maybe a sport ? Answer in the comment section and I would absolutely love to see your answers!  Date: 12/18/16... Continue Reading →

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