Who Am I? #8

I have been working hard on my upcoming "album" I have a total of 6 songs! I want to have ten songs total. The collection of music or album is called "Everything Is Temporary". I Am very proud of the songs that I have created for it so far and I truly can't wait to... Continue Reading →

My 23rd birthday

(Who Am I #7) Today is November 11th 2018 and it is My 23rd birthday. My favorite month is definitely November because I love the feeling and concept of fall. One of my favorite words since I was small was the word fall. Anyways this year for me has been the most drastic change in... Continue Reading →

Soul Searching #15

Why do we remember certain dreams? When we are asleep studies have told us tht we have numerous amount of different dreams before we awake. This morning I awoke and had a very strange dream. It was about me checking into a hotel that was full of monsters, and disturbing creatures. This hotel was created... Continue Reading →

Soul Question #2

Here is a question you can ask your soul.  What is something that sparks your soul in a very distinct way, that nothing else can do to your soul?  Is it music, a loved one, maybe a sport ? Answer in the comment section and I would absolutely love to see your answers!  Date: 12/18/16... Continue Reading →

Soul Searching #8

Welcome to "When Stars Misguide Us" in this post I will be discussing things that are going on in my soul at the moment. It might not be clear, or it might not make sense, but it's just how my soul is feeling. Feel free to comment below what your soul is feeling! Now we... Continue Reading →

Soul Question #1

In this post series which called "Soul Searching Questions" I will be asking questions that are on my mind. Questions that keep popping in my head during this week. Question: Who Are You Becoming?   Date: 10/31/16 Photography: Anthony Singh Label: When Stars Misguide Us Original Writing Writer: Anthony Singh website: http://whenstarsmisguideus.wixsite.com/whenstarsmisguideus Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/whenstarsmisguideus/

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