Who Am I? #10

I have been thinking, and trying to move forward every single day. I have been diving into personal development concepts that I have been discovering through youtube, books, and podcasts. There are numerous amounts of interesting concepts of life. A few things that I am trying to understand or is on my mind would be:... Continue Reading →

Everything Is Temporary

Do you like electro sounds? or guitar sounds or maybe even hip hop drums? Music with a mix of different genres such as pop punk, pop, electro, indie, and hip hop. If you are curious check out my brand new album called "Everything Is Temporary". Here are the links. If all else fails whatever music... Continue Reading →

Social Media is Scary

I'm 22 years old and I'm a millennial. I have had most social media accounts, and this year I officially deleted them all. I never really used them in the first place, and I just made a personal decision, and wanted to disconnect myself from the social media world. Now I want to make it... Continue Reading →

Ways of Living In The Moment

Ways of Living In The Moment One of the keys to life is to live in the moment. Yes, this sounds very cliche, and you must have heard this lesson a million times, but I hope I explain my opinion on living in the moment more differently than you have once heard. Learning to live... Continue Reading →

Rocky! The Maltese!

  Rocky is my 2 year old Maltese dog. He is my best friend, and he is also very fluffy. To begin I will explain how he entered my life. My little brother wanted a dog for his birthday, and my family voted if we should add a dog to our family. My whole family... Continue Reading →

Soul Lessons #1

Be aware of the world that is around you. Be aware of your soul that is speaking to you every single second of every single day. Try to quite your mind, and the world. Try to hear your soul speak. You are meant for so much more! No matter where you are in life whether... Continue Reading →

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