$0.23 on Spotify!

Alright so this going to sound lame or embarrassing, but I am proud of it! I checked my Spotify page to see how many followers I have and I have 7!!! Also I check my royalties on Spotify and I obtained $0.23! I know these stats are pretty bad. But for some odd reason it... Continue Reading →

Soul Searching #12

You are not falling behind, it's just not your time.  -Anthony Singh 😀 We all are at different places in our lives. We must deeply understand that simple concept. Just because someone you know is getting a job promotion and you aren't doesn't mean that they are doing better than you in life, it just... Continue Reading →

Soul Searching #11

Hello everyone! This is a short writing that is connected to another poem kind of story from "Soul searching #4" post. Please read and enjoy. Is This The Midnight Spirit? Gasping for air as I rise from my bed.  I stare at the dark, abandoned road that is in front of me. "How did I... Continue Reading →

My Music Mondays!

Music is my passion in life. I listen a wide range of different music, and I also create music! My music name is "Anthony Singh :D". You can find me in YouTube by searching Anthony Singh 😀 or When Stars Misguide Us.  One of my favorite collections of music that I've created is called "When Did... Continue Reading →

Soul Searching #10

We made it to "Soul Searching #10"!! I'm proud to say that we have reached the tenth entry. In this entry I talked about how fast time is moving for us in our society. I feel as though all this technological advances has been distracting us from being human. Please read, like, and share! I... Continue Reading →

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