Anthony Singh (Founder)


Welcome to “When Stars Misguide Us” I’m glad you made it! This is a movement that consist of many different things, and subjects. Overall “When Stars Misguide Us” is about Finding Yourself, Falling in Love, and Exploring life. Also you will find my Original Music, Videos, and Art. If you follow “When Stars Misguide Us” you will be discovering content that is discussing about searching for truth, meaning of life, finding things that interest you, questioning your soul, discovering your passion, understanding people and loving them more, becoming a better human being, and a lot of soul talk. Also you will find on this page things that just interest me such as music, Disney, film, my family, and so on. I invite you to come on this journey and find yourself with me. When I write or create my goal is to somehow open your mind to something new so that you and your soul can discuss it and grow!

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