Soul Searching #19

My "Soul Searching" blog post are basically a personal journal of my life, and what is going on in it. This year 2018 the word that keeps popping up in my head is "New Beginning". Now since December 2017 I had this feeling that this year was going to be a lot of new things... Continue Reading →

Stars Misguide Spotify

Click me to go to Stars Misguide Spotify Music Page!! Hello everyone! Just wanted to let you know my Spotify page is doing good! I have released a total of 10 songs now. I would appreciate it if you stopped by. My songs are very personal to me and I try to put my whole... Continue Reading →

Concert in Downtown Orlando

  So me (22), my two brothers ages (12) and (18), and my girlfriend(21) all went to a concert on February 14th 2018. I put the ages in just to paint a picture of all of us together.. I don’t know. The bands that played were “Oso Oso, Mom jeans, and Tiny Moving Parts”. The... Continue Reading →

How to free up your mind (3 basic ways )

Since we all are unique and are individuals there are numerous amounts of way to approach freeing your mind. When I say “free your mind” what I am referencing is the feeling of content within your brain. Like no stress, negative thoughts, worry, sadness, depression, and so forth. I feel that many people go through... Continue Reading →

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